Best 5 Blood Pressure monitors of 2020 |BP Moniters|at Home

Best 5 Blood Pressure monitors of 2020 |BP Moniters|at Home

Hey guys ! Best 5 Blood pressure monitors read your blood pressure and over the counter, models are normally automatic and the accuracy can vary. Most of them will read both the systolic and diastolic pressure and often have heart rate indicators as well. Blood pressure monitors are either wrist type or upper arm type and it is up to the individual which one they prefer. The upper arm types are generally used in clinics or hospitals. It is a good idea to monitor your blood pressure because it will help prevent heart-related problems. If you find that blood pressure is higher than normal it will give you time to visit your doctor before it is too late.

Blood Pressure :-
The force applied per unit area is called pressure. Similarly, blood pressure is defined as the force of blood on per unit area of blood vessel. Blood pressure is usually measured in the right arm in the brachial artery and is measured in millimeter of mercury.

The variability in the blood pressure leads to two readings :-

The systolic BP and The diastolic BP

Systolic pressure is the pressure exerted by blood on the blood vessel which occurs when the heart contracts or expands and is the peak pressure. Diastolic pressure is the pressure reading that occurs when the heart is relaxing and thus is a lower reading. Blood pressure is measured by invasive and non-invasive methods. The invasive method requires intra-arterial catheterization and is the most accurate method but this method is not done routinely due to its invasive nature. Hence, the standard practice of monitoring the blood pressure is non-invasive nature and all the blood pressure monitors seen hereafter are non-invasive. 

Best 5 Blood pressure monitors with labelled diagram :-

1. Mercury filled blood pressure monitors :

mercury filled sphygmomanometer were maximally used for measuring the blood pressure even in intensive care settings.

Best 5 Blood pressure monitors
Mercury filled blood pressure monitors

2.Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor :

Aneroid blood pressure monitor includes a cuff, mechanical bulb, deflating valve and a round monitor. The basic difference in mercury sphygmomanometer and aneroid manometer is the round monitor that replaces the mercury column. This monitor has a round dial covered with glass and a metal spring that gives the reading. 

Best 5 Blood pressure monitors
Aneroid blood pressure monitors

3.Digital Blood Pressure Monitor :

This model again contains cuff but have semi automatic and fully automatic models.

Best 5 Blood pressure monitors
Digital blood pressure monitors

4.Finger blood pressure monitor : 

Can be used by in inserting the index finger in the adjustable cuff. The automatic cuff fits to size and inflates and shows the reading LCD panel. 

Best 5 Blood pressure monitors
Finger blood pressure monitors

5.Wrist blood pressure monitor : –

Wrist blood pressure monitor can be used around the wrist and the button automatically inflates the cuff. The reading is than shown on the LCD panel. 

Best 5 Blood pressure monitors
Wrist blood pressure monitors

Best 5 Blood Pressure monitors :-

Type of best 5 blood pressure moniters are following :-

Sr. no.Name of Blood pressure Moniter
1Mercury filled blood pressure monitor
2Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor
3Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
4Finger blood pressure monitor
5Wrist blood pressure monitor

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