Corona … Mask … No need to use!


It is unknown why people are moving around with masks.
The mortality rate of the new corona virus is only 5% today. That means if one hundred people are corona positive, one of them may die. The rate is much lower than the SARS and MERS (both of which were corona virus) in 3. Unnecessary information is being spread due to aggrieved media.
People’s ‘infodemic’ is more harmful than Corona’s ‘epidemic’.
Worldwide, the death toll from this disease does not include a child under the age of ten. Not only that, but nearly half of those found dead are either over fifty, or already suffering from respiratory illness. What does this mean …. So … the person who has good immune system does not get a simple infection and even if it is cured, it can be cured with cold.
In Wuhan, where the death rate was 17% a month and a half ago, it is 4% today … so controlling it is not that difficult.

Corona has arrived in our country … over seventy people are positive … no more death … that’s true! But for that to be panic all over the country is a symptom of the psyche.
      What seems even worse and weird is the people who turn their masks around. Putting a mask in the hospital is fine or compulsory but in other places it is not really a mask. Do you have a daily habit of masks, brothers and sisters? … No! Do you remind yourself or observe others … how often do you touch that mask? Speaking of which, while doing some work he does not know that the mask is winding down. While normal, we often apply the mask more often than we do not touch the mouth. Each time you touch the mask, you do not wash hands. How could they not have a virus on hand? That is, we are carrying the non-virulent virus to the nostrils.
The purpose of the mask is not to prevent the infection from being caused by another, but the main objective is to not let anyone get infected! If you really have some fever, cough, and shortness of breath, then wearing a mask is 3 percent needed.
    People who are terrified of Corona today will be exposed to many TB patients every day. Hundreds of traumatic illnesses or touching illnesses and hundreds of infected people come in contact with us daily.
Every day we come in contact with thousands of viruses and bacteria. Bus, autos, locals, public sanitary houses, hotels … water … air … soil … Many of the horrible viruses of Corona that we Indian people face every day. Your Immunity is very strong. There was no death in India when SARS exploded in 7 countries in the world in the 5th. Our population and survival patterns are so terrible that one week is enough to infect the entire country, but that doesn’t happen because our immune system is so strong.
Those who are infected will be cured … surely they will be cured. No vaccine is available yet, but it is not too difficult to control for symptoms.
     It’s best to have plenty of food before leaving the house for work … wash your hands … and don’t take a mask for five or five times the price … it’s no use!

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