Home remedies for pimples , glowing skin and dryness as fast as possible

Home remedies for pimples , glowing skin and dryness as fast as possible

Hello Friends ! Today I’m to going to talk about the home made remedies. When you want fresh and radiant skin, the biggest hurdle is PIMPLES. When you want to go to a big event, no matter how beautiful your dress is, even if you have a small pimple on your face, the first thing that gets noticed is the pimple. Isn’t that true? And no matter how much you do, it may have happened in the case of many people that at such a big event, least one person gets hit in the face. Yes or no ? That’s why we have brought you all the information you need to get rid of pimples . We guarantee you will find this article useful forever.

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What are the causes of PIMPLES ?

The incidence of pimples is higher during adolescence as the body undergoes hormonal changes. It is more common in girls aged 10 to 14 years and in boys aged 12 to 16 years. At this age, the sebaceous glands become more active and cause pimples. Even if pollution is not one of the major causes of acne, dust and dirt coming from the air on your face closes the pores on the skin and thus damages the skin. Not only that, but the layer of natural oil that takes care of your skin on your skin is also unbalanced due to this air pollution and causes pimples. Stress can also cause pimples on your face. Also, during adolescence, your body goes through hormonal changes. This causes pimples.

home remedies

Home remedies for pimples and glowing skin | 5 easy tips

1. Turmeric :-
Turmeric acts as an antiseptic.  This has the potential to kill bacteria.
• Take a teaspoon of turmeric powder and make a thick paste.
•  Apply this paste on the pimples.  Let it rest for a few minutes.  Then wash your face with cold water.  Do this for a week.  Pimples will disappear.

2) Papaya :-
Papaya contains Vitamin A. Papaya is an antioxidant.  It is a good source of enzymes.  Papaya contains nutrients to remove black spots.  This also eliminates the problem of pimples.  The face remains soft.  Cut the papaya into pieces.  Apply to spots.  Wash face after 10 to 15 minutes.

3) Aloe vera :-
According to the research, some special features have been found in aloe vera.  These features can be effective in fighting pimples.  You can also apply aloe vera directly on the face to reduce the problem of pimples.  It has anti-bacterial properties, which fight against bacteria on the skin.  Apply aloe vera on the face before going to bed at night and wash your face clean the next morning.

4) Tulsi leaves ( Basil leaves ) :-
Regular consumption of basil leaves purifies the blood.  This eliminates the problem of getting pimples automatically.  If you have acne or pimples on your skin, you can pack a face of basil leaves.  You can add rose water, sandalwood and lemon and apply this face pack on your face.

5) Baking Soda:- 2 tea spoon baking soda in water and apply on the spots of pimples. Rinse thoroughly after drying. It balances the pH level as well as removes dead skin cells.

Note: All of the above home remedies are homemade and we are only passing this information on to the readers. Everyone’s skin is different, so not all remedies are beneficial for everyone’s skin, nor do we claim that. Therefore, it would be beneficial to consult an expert before taking any action.

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