The most Amazing FACTS About Cristiano Ronaldo :- Diet, workout

Hii Friends… Today I am going to give you information about king of Football the Cristiano Ronaldo weekly workout routine. Ronaldo is first player in world to step on the 200M followers on Instagram , as well as How he has kept his body healthy as he Age.

Cristiano Ronaldo weekly workout routine

1) Whole-grain cereal – When on a strict diet, Cristiano Ronaldo sticks to healthy food like whole-grain or whole-wheat.
2) Egg whites – Again, we’re still in training mode here.
3) Fruit juice – Ronaldo might generally avoid sugar, but that doesn’t stop him from drinking vitamin-rich fruit juice for breakfast. His favorites include pear, apple, and pineapple juice.
4) Coffee – He reportedly drinks regular coffee, European espresso, and lattes.
5) Cold Cuts – When he’s adopting a more liberal nutrition program, Cristiano Ronaldo goes all out for breakfast. That sometimes includes a tasty spread of cold cuts.
6) European cheeses – In Europe, you eat cheese with your cold cuts for breakfast, especially when you’re staying in a luxury hotel.
7) Pastries – Based on a photo he once posted to Instagram, Ronaldo doesn’t necessarily stick to his no-sugar program on a regular basis. It was quite the breakfast of champions.
8) Avocado toast – We don’t know if Ronaldo ate everything in the aforementioned photo, but if he did, it was a lot of calories to burn throughout the day.
9) Fruit – His legendary meal also included fruit on top of toast.

cristiano ronaldo weekly workout routine

¹] Tuna roll – Like so many other men and women from Portugal, Ronaldo is a huge fan of fish. That’s not to mention its protein content.
²] Fresh bread and sardines – Ronaldo’s love of seafood is so boundless that he takes sardines straight from the tin and slaps them on top of bread.

Lunch :-
1) Fish – When eating a filet of fish, Ronaldo most often prefers gilt-head bream, swordfish, or sea bass.
2) Chicken – It’s lean and packed with protein. Enough said.
3) Whole-wheat pasta – If you’re going to eat pasta like Ronaldo, make it whole-wheat pasta.
4) Green vegetables – The benefits of green veggies speak for themselves.
5) Tuna fish with hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes – Here’s a dish that Ronaldo once posted to Instagram. It even came with a side of fried calamari.

¹] Protein shake – An athlete like CR7 will take all the protein he can get.

cristiano ronaldo weekly workout routine

1) Bacalhau à Brás – This Portuguese dish is Ronaldo’s favorite food.
2) Steak – When he’s had his fill of seafood, the football legend enjoys a hearty slab of steak.
3) Side salad – No steak dinner is complete without at least one side.
4) Chicken or turkey breast – When sticking squarely to a healthy diet, Ronaldo opts for lean protein with a side of rice and beans or quinoa.
5) Watermelon – Mmmm…watermelon.
6) Glass of wine – Ronaldo mostly avoids alcohol, barring the occasional glass of vino.
7) Birthday cake – On those special occasions, he helps himself to a slice.
8) Chocolate – Life is too short and chocolate is too good. You do the math.

• Cristiano Ronaldo weekly workout routine :-

cristiano ronaldo weekly workout routine

5-Day Gym Workout Plan-

1) Monday: Circuit Training

Rehash the accompanying circuit multiple times

Hand weight Squat – 8 reps

Box Jump – 10 reps

Expansive Jump – 8 reps

Hopping Lunge – 8 reps every leg

Horizontal Bound – 10 reps

2)Tuesday: Rest

cristiano ronaldo weekly workout routine

3) Wednesday: Circuit Training

Rehash the accompanying circuit multiple times

Burpee Pullup – 10-15 reps

Seat Dips – 20 reps

Pushups – 20-30 reps

Medication Ball Toss – 15 reps

Push Press – 10 reps

4) Thursday: Quad and Cardio

Force Cleans – 5 reps for every set for 5 sets

Dashes – 200-meter reps per set for 8 sets

5) Friday: Ab Workouts and Core Exercises

One-Arm Side Deadlift – 5 reps each arm for every set for 3 sets

Hand weight One-Legged Deadlift – 10 reps for every set for 2 sets

Knee Tuck Jump – 10-12 reps for every set for 3 sets

Overhead Slam – 10-12 reps for every set for 3 sets

One-Leg Barbell Squat – 5 reps for every set for 2 sets

Hanging Leg Raise – 10-15 reps for every set for 3 sets

6) Saturday: Rest

cristiano ronaldo weekly workout routine

7) Sunday: Cardio work out

Rope Jumping – 10 sets with 1 moment of rest between each set

Obstruction Sprinting – 50 meters for every rep for 10 sets

This is all about the your football king ronaldo workout plan. now we tell you the Indian Fitness king And Fitness Role Model of Youth icon Sahil Khan Diet And workout information click here

The Cell

The cell is the smallest structural and functional unit of body.the human body consist about 100 trillion cells. Different types of cells of the body possess features, which distinguish one type from and are specially adapted to form one or few perticular functions. e.g. the red blood cells transport oxygen from lungs to tissue ,muscle cell is specilized for the function of contraction ,the intestinal mucosal cells specilized for absorption of foodstuffs and so on. However mammalian cells have an overall common structure and certain basic characteristics , which are described here.

A typical consists. Of 3 basic components :

Cell membrane



Fig : Structure of typical cell showing Various oragnelles

Cell Membrane

Cell membrane or the plasma membrane is the protective semipermeable sheath, enveloping the cell body. It separates the contents of cell from the external environment and controls exchange of materials between the fluid outside the cell ( extracellular fluid ) and the fluid inside the cell ( intracellular fluid ). A detailed knowledge of its structure is essential for the understanding of cell Functions.

• Structure

Electron microscopy has shown that cell membrane/or plasma membrane has trilayer structure having total thickness of 7-010 nm .The three layers consist of two electron dense layers separated by an electron lucent layer. Biochemically, the cell membrane is composed of complex mixture of lipid 40% , protein 55% and carbohydrates 5% .

Functions of Cell Membrane

The cell membrane performs the following functions:

• It protects the oragnelles in cytoplasm.

• The selective permeability of the cell membrane helps in acting as barrier to harmful substances.

• It helps in absorbing nutrients.

• It helps in maintaining the shape and size of cells.


Cytoplasm is an aqueous substance (custom) containing a variety of cell oragnelles and other structures.The structures dispersed in the cytoplasm can be broadly divided into 3 groups .- oragnelles, inclusion bodies and cytoskeleton.

• Oragnelles

The oragnelles are the permanent components of the cells, which are bounded by limiting membrane and contain enzyme; yenar they participate in the cellular metabolic activity. These include the mitochondria ,the endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes , Golgi apparatus, peroxisomes, centrosome and centriole.

Fig : Mitochondrion

• Cytoplasmic inclusions

The cytoplasmic inclusions are the temporary components of certain cells . A few examples of cytoplasmic inclusions are :

  • Lipid
  • Glycogen
  • Protein as secretory granules
  • Melanin pigment
  • Lipifusion.

• Cytoskeleton

The cytoskeleton is a complex network of fibres that maintains the structure of cell and allows it to change shape and move .It primarily consists of microtubules, intermediate filament and microfilaments along with proteins which anchor and tie them together.


Nucleus is present in all the eukaryotic cells .The nucleus consists of an outer nuclear membrane enclosing nucleoplasm and nucleoli.

  • Functions

It controls all the cellular activities including reproduction of the cell.

Fig : Nucleus
  • Nuclear Membrane

The nuclear membrane brand is double – layered porous structure having 40-70 mm wide space called perinuclear cistern,which is continuous with the lumen of endoplasmic reticulum.The outer layer of the nuclear membrane is continuous with endoplasmic reticulum.

  • functios

The exchange of materials between nucleoplasm and cytoplasm occurs through nuclear membrane.

• Nucleoplasm

The Nucleoplasm or the nuclear matrix is gel – like ground substance containing large quality of genetic material in the form of deoxyribonucleic acid ( DNA ). When cell is not dividing ,the Nucleoplasm appears as dark-staining thread like material is called as chromatin. During Cell division, the chromatin material is converted into road – shaped structures,, the chromosomes. There are 46 chromosomes (23 pairs) in all dividing cells of the body except the gamate ( sec cells ) which contain only 23 chromosomes ( haploid number ) .

  • Nucleolus

The nucleus may contain one or more rounded bodies called nucleoli. The nucleoli areore common in growing cells or in cells actively synthesizing proteins.


The nucleoli are the site of synthesis of ribosomal RNA .

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

We’ve tried out the bigger 46mm adaptation of the watch and it accompanies an incredible multi day battery life in any event, when you’re utilizing it broadly. That is amazing considering a great deal of different watches on this rundown most recent daily or so from a solitary charge.

The turning bezel stays a feature of exploring around the Tizen OS on the watch, and the interface is one of the most effortless to get that we’ve seen on a smartwatch.

Applications accessible on the watch are more constrained than Wear OS or watchOS – two adversary smartwatch working frameworks – yet despite everything it offers the center nuts and bolts and Samsung had given a watch that is great at wellness just as brandishing an extraordinary structure and parts greater usefulness as well

Realme 5 Pro mobile

Key Specs and Features of Realme 5 Pro

#Working System

Android v9.0 (Pie)


6.3 inches (16 cm) bezel-less show with waterdrop score

Gorilla Glass 5 Protection




Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 Octa center Processor


64 GB interior stockpiling, expandable upto 256 GB


48 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP Quad Rear Cameras

16 MP Front Camera


4035 mAh battery with VOOC Charging v3.0, charges upto 55% in 30 minutes


Double SIM: Nano + Nano with VoLTE support

SIM1: Supports 4G, 3G

SIM2: Supports 4G, 3G

#Unique Features

Back Fingerprint Sensor

Face Unlock 3.5 mm earphone jack present


The Samsung Galaxy M20 is particularly made for the recent college grads who live on the edge and don’t settle on anything. With an excellent interminability V-cut presentation, a wide edge camera, an enormous battery with quicker charging and a ground-breaking processor alongside the trust that accompanies brand Samsung, the Galaxy M20 is an amazing cell phone.

Brand: Samsung

Working framework: Android

Screen size: 6.3 inches screen

Security highlights: Fingerprint Scanner

Front camera goals: 8 MP Front Camera

Back camera goals: 8 MP Rear Camera