Setup username , profile name and bio | Easiest way in 2021

Hello guys !! We use mobile a lot in our daily routine. There is no limit to it.  In addition, the most used app right now is instagram.Sharing photos and videos is what Instagram is all about.  So today I am telling you how to setup an Setup username , profile name , bio & Instagram account . it’s time to set up your Instagram business account. Here’s how your username, profile name and bio should look like: –

Setup username , profile name and bio | Instagram in simple way

Username: –
The username in your Instagram account should be very attractive. It should use 30 to 40 characters, but not too big so that people will not like it.  So who doesn’t pay attention.  It should have 13-14 characters, visitors will see it quickly.  The STOP WORDS should not be used in the username.  Eg.  Virat___kolhi, sharma_rohit.  Your niche should be understood.

Profile name: –
Your account’s profile name should be theme based.  So followers grow, name because it looks good.  If you are a Digital Marketer, your name should be Eg.  Digital Marketer Summit
That should be your name.
*username and profile name should be the same is dependent upon you.

Bio: –
Your bio reflects your personality.  So here we write the name well.  Do not use paragraph here.  Because no one has time to read.  You can use 150 characters.  Use emoji and hashtags in it and if you also use keyword then suggestion comes to your account.  This increases likes and follower’s.

Your account username, profile name and bio should be very attractive. Username must be too short. The profile name should be according to your niche. Bio is a very important part, write the information carefully in it. This is how you can setup your Instagram account. We think the information provided will be very useful to you. We will keep giving you the same kind of information. Thank you for Visit ☺️

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