Simple steps to make remix reels on Instagram | advance Features of instagram

Hello guys !! Everyone is using Instagram a lot now a days. Because instagram has become everyone’s favorite app. Also Instagram is bringing a lot of new advance features in itself. Everyone pays an average of 135 minutes per day for social media. When tiktok was made in India, instagram introduced a new feature called Reels and now Remix video feature. It’s like a straight tiktok duet. So let’s see exactly Simple steps to make remix reels. Follow step this :-

Simple steps to make remix reels

1. update your instagram account

2. Go to reels video and click on bottom three dots

3. choose option ‘remix this reel’

4. add your video & create video

5. then upload your remix reel

Create your Remix reels

1. Update instagram: – Go to play store and update instagram app.

2. While watching reels video in your Instagram account, click on the three dots at the bottom left. You will see an option. Then you choose the last option.

3. Press Option ( Remix this reel ). Then video will be added.

4. After adding the video, add the video in your gallery. You can watch the video here just like the duet video on Tiktok. It has been named Remix reel on Instagram.

5. Then press on next . You can also edit the video. Do as Instagram posts above. Posts like caption, hashtags should be uploaded.

Conclusion: – Remix reel is a type of tiktok duet. So think, Instagram has just added reels to its features and now remix reel. Remix reel that you did with celebrity can make your post rank. So your likes and followers will also increase.We think the information provided will be very useful to you. We will keep giving you the same kind of information. Thank you so much for Visit ! Visit again

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