Teeth : Incisors , Canine , Molars and Premolars

Teeth help a person use their mouth to eat, speak, smile and give shape of their face. Each type of tooth has name and specific function.

Teeth are made up from different layers :-
Enamel ,dentin , pulp and cementum. Enamel , which is hardest substance in body , is on outside of the tooth. The second layer dentin , which is softer than Enamel. And deepest layer inside the tooth is pulp. Which consist of nerves and blood vessels. Cementum is on root of tooth and is beneath to gums.

The study of teeth with respect to their number , arrangement , development etc is known as dentition.

Teeth :- 32 Teeth are present in buccal cavity of adult human being.Human dentition is described as thecodont , diphyodont and heterodont. It is called the codont type because each tooth is fixed in separate socket present in jaw bones by gomphosis type of joint. In our life time , we get only two sets of teeth, milk teeth this is called diphyodont dentition . We have four different type of teeth hense we are heterodont. Types of teeth incisors ( I ) , Canines (C) , Premolars (PM) and Molar ( M ) each half of each jaw has two incisors , one canine , two premolars and three molars .

What is Incisors?
Your 8 incisors teeth are located in front part of your mouth you have four of them in your upper jaw and four in your lower jaw. Incisors are shaped like small chisels.

What is Canines ?
Your four canine teeth sit next to incisors. You have two canine on the top of your mouth and two on the bottom. Canines have sharp, pointy surface for tearing food. The baby canine come in between the ages 16 months and 20 months.

What is Molars ?
Your 12 molars are biggeest and strongest teeth you have six on the top and six on the bottom. The main eight molars are sometimes divided into 6 years and 12 years molar , based on when typically grow in.

A tooth consists of the portion that projects above the gum called crown and root that is made up of two or three projections which are embeded in gun. A short neck connects the hardest substance of the body called enamel . Enamel is made up of calcium carbonate. Basic shape of tooth is derived from dentin , a calcified connective tissue . The dentin enclosed a cavity called pulp cavity. It is filled with connective tissue pulp. Pulp cavity has extension in the root of tooth called root canal . The Dentin of the root of tooth is covered by ceremtum . A bone like substance that attaches the root to surrounding socket in gum.

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